Kirsten Umberson

Kirsten Umberson

Associate Faculty

I am passionate about sharing my relationship with Jesus Christ with middle school-aged girls.

Academic and Professional Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D., Marketing (Sociology minor)

    - University of North Texas, 2015 (expected)

  • M.B.A., Marketing

    - University of North Texas

  • M.S., Merchandising

    - University of North Texas

  • B.S., Merchandising with Business Minor

    - University of North Texas

"I deliver messages to students...using methods to communicate peripherally and centrally."

My Unique Approach to Education

I deliver messages to students like I would to consumers, using methods to communicate peripherally and centrally. The peripheral route, designed to influence consumers through superficial cues, facilitates students’ connection with the subject matter. Additionally, central cues, which impact individuals through direct persuasive arguments, render students more critical thinkers. From creative assignments to readings, I require students to analyze current marketing strategies and their subsequent impact on the firm.


Mrs. Umberson will become Dr. Umberson in less than a year, obtaining a Ph.D. in Marketing. Her prior career includes 6 years of experience in business as well as 5 years in higher education. She has taught courses as an adjunct faculty member at the University of North Texas and as an instructor and department chair at a small, private university in Dallas. Before teaching at the collegiate level, Mrs. Umberson gained industry experience in retailing, merchandising, customer relationship management, buying, and inventory management.

Mrs. Umberson also has presented at several conferences, including: International Journal of Consumer Sciences, International Textile and Apparel Association, Academy of Marketing Science, and most recently the Fifth Subsistence Marketplaces Conference. Furthermore, she has a published article in the Journal of Strategic Marketing (2013), which stresses that firms’ degree of market orientation leads to successful firm positioning efforts. Her current research interests include consumer goal pursuit, consumer memory/imagination, and persuasive communications. Mrs. Umberson investigates the role of the imagination in consumer information processing. Part of her research trajectory centers on an interpretation of individual difference variables responsible for imagination. However, her most recent research addresses how consumers can harness their imaginations in forming responses to advertising communications.

Beyond professional interests, Mrs. Umberson loves to travel, read, and go skydiving. Her travels have taken her to Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Italy, and many locations within the United States. When she is not traveling or on the go, she lives in Lewisville, Texas.