Dr. Linda Revel

Dr. Linda Revel

Professor Emeritus

I'm passionate about my work with missions at my local church. I serve on the Missions Lead Team and participate in missions trips and other activities.

Academic and Professional Degrees Earned

  • Ph.D.

    - University of North Texas

  • M.Ed.

    - North Texas State University

  • B.A.

    - Sam Houston State University

My Unique Approach to Education

My graduate degree work is in Adult Learning and I intentionally implement these strategies when I teach credit classes at Amberton, Bible study classes at my church, and missions activities internationally.


My undergraduate degree led me to teach at the secondary school level and eventually in adult basic education at the community college level.  I returned to college to complete my master's and doctoral degrees majoring in Adult Education and with a minor in Human Resources and Training.  My professional career was with a mining company then an accounting company to develop and deliver management development training and leadership skills development.

My husband and I then established our own child development company where we eventually owned 13 centers.  My job responsibilities included management development and training.  I selected, trained, and mentored more than 25 directors and assistant directors for our centers over a period of 15 years.  I also developed curriculum and provided required training for all employees annually; this involved more than 300 people each year.  We consulted with several companies to conduct needs analyses for on-site child care and established and managed child development centers for them.  When we sold our business after 16 years I began to teach full time at Amberton University after being an adjunct professor.

While at Amberton I helped develop the degree programs in Human Resources and Training (HRT) and in Strategic Leadership.  I taught numerous core courses in these degree programs as well as other HBD classes and Ethics (RGS).  In 2007 I retired from Amberton and was honored as Professor Emeritus of Amberton University.  In recent years I have returned periodically to teach Ethics on the Frisco campus.

My other time is spent with my missions work, teaching ladies Bible classes, and serving in leadership roles at my local church.  I enjoy my grandchildren who live locally and remain very active in their lives as well as numerous friends and family.  My husband and I also enjoy traveling internationally.